How It Works

3 Easy steps to get your property listed and begin marketing!

1st Step

Sign Up

Sign Up
Sign up and then pay for your annual subscription.  Once you have paid for your subscription you'll be able to select a name for your listing. i.e.

When a name is taken it is no longer available for someone else to use and it's yours as long as you keep your subscription current.

Your custom name makes marketing your listing easy and it's a great way for more people to discover your property.
2nd Step

Upload Your Info

Up load your pictures
Upload your pictures and add all the information about your property.

When you sign in, you'll be redirected to your dashboard where you can load your pictures and descriptions for the amenities you have available, edit anytime.

Receive messages from potentials and manage your reservation calendar from the same location. It's easy to list and simple to manage.

See more on the Getting Started page.
3rd Step

Promote Your Listing

Marketing and Promotion
Generate an html formatted email directly from your dashboard with pictures of your property and a direct link to your listing.

Use the custom name to pass along and link to your listing easily from your website or social pages.

Refer your friends and save on your renewals.

People purchase directly from you. We do not collect any commissions for rent or sale of your property.

Now start promoting your listing and referring your friends!

You can promote your listing right from your dashboard by sending out a quick email message that's already formatted with your links and images.  All you have to do is include the recipients address and they will receive a beautifully designed email showcasing your property.

We'll put the wind in your sails!

  • Continous Search Engine Marketing
  • Print Campaigns and Additional Media Placements
  • Ongoing Social Updates
  • Rich and Frequent Blog Articles
  • Strategic Real Estate Networks and Partnerships
These are just some of the methods we employ to generate quality traffic to your listings.

Get your custom name before someone else does!

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