Getting Started

A quick guide to adding and editing your listing's data.

The main elements of the My Listings dashboard

My Listings page After you've signed up and got your custom name for linking your property to, you'll be automatically redirected to the My Listings dashboard page.

My Listings buttonEach component of the dashboard will be explained fully and you'll see just how they interact together to give you the most control of your listing and some powerful marketing tools.

When you're signed in you can always access your listings by clicking the My Listings button located in the upper right hand corner between the Sign In/out link and the Site Search.


Dashboard Header

The account owners information is displayed along with counts of the messages received from your contact forms, reservation request submitted and referrals made.  Counts are for all your listings combined and the referrals count totals the members that have subscribed with your referral code.

Easily add another listing by entering your essential information and reserving your custom name. Your Listings

Refer 10 friends and your next renewal is free.  Your account will be credited as your friends sign up. The credit will appear below in the Account window.

Send a Listing

Send a Listing

Refer a Friend EmailEnter a friend's name, email address and select a listing to send. This will send them an enticing html email linking to your property along with your main picture and contact information.

Click on the Information Icon Information icon for help at anytime.  A full view of the sample email sent can be seen in the information area and you can send one to yourself to test.

They will be able to go directly to your detail pages and reservation calendar.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend EmailEnter a friend's name and email address and they will receive a full email with your referral code included explaining the benefits of having their own listing.  

Click on the Information Icon Information icon for help at anytime.  A full view of the sample email sent can be seen in the information area and you can send one to yourself to test.

You'll be able to see when they've sign up in the Referrals window below.Reservation Calendar


You can add and edit all your listings easily from the dashboard.  Add a ListingThe Add a Listing button takes you back through the process of gathering your essential information for creating a listing.

After you have given your property a custom name for linking to, i.e., your property's address, your property type and paid for your listing, you'll be redirected back to this page where you can begin editing by adding more photographs and all the other details that make your listing special.

We encourage you to enter as much information as possible so your listing is complete and informative.  Use current pictures and take care that your images are clear and free of any background obstructions.

Add a Listing

When you add a listing, the system gathers information about your property though the questions you answer, i.e. property type, address and the custom name you'd like for your listing, but there are a few more items that need to be included before your listing can be activated.  Six ItemsThese items are displayed on the right side and are lined out after they have been completed.  There are 6 items that are essential for a listing, but we encourage entering as much information as you have to be complete and make the best possible presentation for your property.  You can activate your listing when the check list is complete.

You can also include:

  • Video
  • Your Social links
  • Link to a property management company
  • Your Website

In the editing section we'll walk through how you can add all of these to your listing.

Edit A listing

Current ListingsYou can edit your listings anytime.  Just select the Edit link in the Current Listings area and you'll see the tab dialogs just like when you are viewing a listing.

After you pay for your listing, you'll still have a few items to add before you can activate it.  And, there will an Alert box next to that listing where the property manager's information is.Edit Alert

The Check List (shown under Add a Listing) and the red dots on the tabs, guide you through what needs to be added so you can activate your listing.

Editing Tabs


The Overview tab is the first tab displayed for your property and shows summary information about your listing.  The primary image is shown along with address, description and point of contact information.  You can edit your description and contact information easily by selecting edit.  After you have made your changes, select save.

Overview Edit


PhotosPhotos couldn't be easier to add, just click the Add Photo button.

Select the Edit button on the photo to add a caption for your picture.

The photo icon in the upper right, indicates that this is your primary image.  Other images have a star icon and you can change any photo to be your primary by clicking on the star icon.

The primary photo is displayed in search lists and is added when sending a listing email from your dashboard.

Add up to 20 photos per listing.


In this section you can add all the amenities available to your guests.  Be sure to include your bedrooms, bathrooms and add house rules along with check in and check out times.

Use the edit button to change values for each sub-section.  Select the appropriate check boxes, then save.

If you have an amenity that isn't listed, please contact us to see if we can include it.  You can always include it in your detailed description under the Overview tab.


The map shows your property's location to visitors.  You can zoom in or out using Google's map controls.  Street view is available for most areas permitting a 360 degree view of the property and neighborhood.  No editing is needed.
Google Map


No editing is necessary on the calendar.  The calendar shows the visitor reservations that have been made so they can better choose dates when your property is available.

Reserve +When hovering over a date, the visitor can select the + sign and be taken to the reservation screen where they can fill in their proposed stay dates.  The reservation request is then logged in your dashboard's Reservation Requests block and an email notification is sent to your point of contact's email address.

Reservation Input


For rentals, the Rates area works dynamically with the rates you provide for your property.  There are instructions provided at the top of the page, but to restate, the standard rates apply when no rates are entered for the current season and when no special rates are applied.  Seasonal Rates override the Standard rates and Special rates override all rates.  For sale properties just have a list price to enter.

You can add other fees associate with renting your property, so your potential visitors know how much it will cost before they contact you.  Add any other special instructions in the comments section.



When you list a rental, you can add visitor's comments and reviews of your property here.  Visitors can add reviews but owners will be able to edit and approve before posting.  Owners are in control of what is posted about their listings.  Reviews help your property rent and the site permits adding reviews manually.  We strongly encourage owners to be honest with their reviews as your reputation carries beyond the limits of our site.

You can add a review manually with the Add a Review button or edit a existing review by selecting the review and then edit.  Please make any necessary corrections for spelling or grammatical content.



Six ItemsIn order for your listing to be visible on the site, you'll have to complete the check list items, pictured on the right.  Items become crossed off as you complete each one.

Once those items have been entered, just select the Activate link for your listings.

You can deactivate your listings at any time for renovations or any other reason you might have.

Note that deactivating a listing does not extend the subscription's renewal period.

Once your listing is active you can interact with visitors and begin marketing your listing through the communications area below.

Communications & Your Account Info

CommunicationsAlong the right side there are four blocks, three provide information from visitors and your account information is located at the bottom.

  • Reservation Requests
  • As reservation requests are made through the calendar they will populate this block with the contact information provided by the requester.  An email is also sent to the point of contact for that listing.  Each request is also stored here and the active requests are totaled at the top of your dashboard.

  • Contact Messages
  • When a visitor sends a contact message for any of your listings, an email will be sent to the point of contact you have assigned for that listing.  All contact messages are stored here until you delete them and the active messages are totaled at the top of your dashboard.

  • My Referrals
  • Each referral that signs up with your referral code will be listed here.  You can see the date and email address that they used when they signed up.  When you reach 10 referrals you account will be credited for your next renewal.  Every 10 referrals will credit you for an additional year.

  • My Account
  • The last four digits of the card used on file with Stripe, the credit card processor, is shown here.  BHKO does not keep any bank card information.  Your balance and credit for referrals is shown here.  Once you reach 10 referrals, a negative balance will be shown crediting you for the next year.  Keep referring new owners and your subscription will be free going forward.

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